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Mayhem at the Meadery!

I've written a short adventure for Umerican Survival Guide! A brief summary and a link to the pdf is below...

The PDF is here: Mayhem at the Meadery.pdf

The Lemurians are a race of primate humanoids who dwell deep in the redwood forests.  From a high tree house perch, they brew a rare and valuable liquor known as Space Mead, which is said to have magical properties.  The PCs have been dispatched by their elder to journey into the forest and trade a wagon of tastyfroot for five containers of the concoction.  It should be a simple operation, but there are rumors that a band of bloodthirsty scavengers known as Berzergrrs have been seen in the area - the players would be wise to stay on their guard!

If you're not familiar with Umerican Survival Guide, it's an expansion for Dungeon Crawl Classics that casts the players into a gonzo post-apocalyptic world similar to Thundarr the Barbarian.  USG is based upon a great zine by +Reid San Filippo called Crawling Under a Broken Moon that builds the Umerica setting and rules over 18 action-packed issues.

The adventure is short, designed to be roughly two or three hours of play.  I'm calling it a "Micro-Adventure" because it's quick to play and also because it's manageable for a working stiff like myself to finish writing.  It could be used to kick off a campaign or just to drop into a hex-crawl.  

Also, one of the main reasons I wanted to post it here is to show off the cover art by my super-talented daughter Zoe.

Hope you enjoy.  The adventure is totally free and I'm just putting it out there in the hopes that someone may run it for their group!


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