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Into the Odd Character Sheets

Lately I've been pretty obsessed with Into the Odd by Chris McDowall.

I'm starting to put some stuff together to run a little mini-campaign using the system. As part of my prep I bashed together some character sheets.  They're a little esoteric, but I think they suit the setting pretty well.

Two-Sheet version: ItO_Char_TwoSheet.pdf
Four-Sheet version: ItO_Char_FourSheet.pdf

I made two versions. The first is one-sided with two half-page sheets. The other is two-sided with four quarter-page sheets. I'm putting these out there in case anyone else wants to use them because sharing means caring.

EDIT: If you have issues with the .pdf's in the links above printing all black, the version below should fix that for you.

Two-Sheet version: ItO_Char_TwoSheet_Small.pdf
Four-Sheet version: ItO_Char_FourSheet_Small.pdf


  1. These are fantastic. Maybe in the description area put a place for a character picture?

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Using these.


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