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The Black Hack Character Sheet

OK so apparently I really like making character sheets.  I've got another one - this time for The Black Hack.

I'm really excited to try out The Black Hack 2nd Edition. What a simple and elegant system. I got the version that comes with the hard back rule book, a soft back rules booklet, a great little GM screen, a couple of neat little spell books for the players - plus a great A5-sized folder with some character sheets inside.  I was really pleased when it came - great quality materials and a great game.  I also really love that everything is covered with great illustrations by skullfungus.

I like the sheets that came in the folder - they're of top-notch quality like everything else in the set. After mulling it over, though, I decided I wanted to make a version on two sides with a little more room for the players to spread out their notes and information and still preserve the simplicity and small form-factor of the original.

If anyone wants to use it, it's at the link below. It's a two-page pdf with two sheets on it, meant to be printed on both sides and then cut in half.  I printed mine on cardstock to mimic the sheets that came with the original set.  They're not exactly A5 once you cut them, but they fit in the folder fine.

Two-sided, 2 half sheets: TBH2_CharacterSheet.pdf

I also made a one-sided full sheet version for those that prefer that.

One-sided, 1 full sheet: TBH2_CharacterOneSheet.pdf

I also made a little mat so the players would have a special place to put their usage dice (and also serve as a reminder of their dwindling resources).  It's a one-page pdf that has four mats on it.  I got mine laminated but they should work fine as simple printouts too.  It's at the link below.

Usage Die Mat: TBH_UsageDieMat.pdf


  1. I've been looking for a sheet like this since this version came out. These are PERFECT! Excellent job.

    My group sadly just ended our BH2e campaign, but boy did I wish we had these.


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